How can Stopper help developing goalkeepers?

Stopper gives keepers the stats they need to understand their strengths and areas of improvement. How players communicate, how they distribute the ball, where they make their best saves and when and where they allow goals: these are all insights into goalkeeper performance that coaches can harness in training to develop stronger, more confident keepers.

Using a simple interface, Stopper lets parents and coaches capture key game stats across 5 categories. Here are some examples:


• Pushed Wide/Held

• Tipped Over

• 1v1/Sweeper


• High Goal

• Low Goal

• Between Legs/Body


• Punches

• High Catch

• Missed Ball


• Pass Back

• Goal Kick

• From Hands


• On the ball

• Off the ball

• Around the ball

By reviewing games with a goalkeeping coach, players can use real game insights to customize their training. Spot long-term trends using the HeatMap feature, which aggregates game performance over time with easy-to-read charts and graphs.

A great keeper doesn’t just stop shots – they lead the team, direct the defence and generate great attacking opportunities. Stopper helps goalkeepers track, analyze and improve every aspect of their game.