Unless you’re Kobe Bryant, in which case you get 30,699. This graphic by the LA Times charts every shot Kobe took over the course of his career (less free throws). What’s interesting is that it is hard to spot any clear trends— probably Bryant’s biggest asset as a player. He had a slight preference for the right side over the left, and he managed to shoot an impressive 18% in the dead centre. But really, Bryant was the kind of player who took a lot of shots, from pretty much anywhere—except for a very perfect arc that exists a foot in front of the three-point line.

Love or hate him, Bryant is a tremendous athlete–what’s interesting to us here at Stopper about this chart is the sheer amount of data the NBA collects on their players. While football has come a long way in this regard, data visualizations like this show just how much potential there remains for using technology to help understand and develop football players.