It’s been a busy few months in the goalkeeping world. Not just in the European leagues and MSMSL pre-season – here at Stopper, we’ve been adding new features and functionality to the app, with plenty more in the pipeline to come!

Here’s a few of the update highlights from the latest iOS/Android Stopper release:

• In-progress games auto-save to prevent data loss in case of a crash
• NEW Communication tracking interface and stats
• NEW Goalkeeper self-evaluation interface and stats
• NEW Season stats updated to show Win-Tie-Loss record

Some are by popular request, while others have been suggestions from our awesome community of partners and users, all with the goal of making Stopper an even better training and development tool for high-performance keepers. Some of the most exciting changes coming are ones that are largely invisible – database configuration and back-end functionality that allows Stopper to connect to the beta of the Stopper Pro platform. Ultimately, this will allow coaches to easily track multiple players and analyze their game performance across a range of detailed metrics.