Take your keeper training program to the next level



Track player game performance across five critical categories: Saves, Goals, Crosses, Distribution and Communication.


Identify areas of strength and weakness, analyze individual games and dynamically track player development over time.


Incorporate game feedback for individualized training that helps your goalkeepers develop their full potential.

How can Stopper help my game?

Stopper gives you the stats you need to understand your strengths and areas of improvement. How you communicate, how you distribute the ball, where you make your best saves and where you let in goals: these are all insights into your game that you can harness to make yourself a better keeper.

Using a simple interface, Stopper lets parents and coaches capture key game stats across 5 categories. Here are some examples:


• Pushed Wide/Held

• Tipped Over

• 1v1/Sweeper


• High Goal

• Low Goal

• Between Legs/Body


• Punches

• High Catch

• Missed Ball


• Pass Back

• Goal Kick

• From Hands


• “Keeper”

• “Away”

• Organizing the D

Review each game with your goalkeeping coach and use real game insights to customize your training. You’ll also be able to spot long-term trends using the HeatMap feature, which breaks down your season with easy-to-read charts and graphs.

A great keeper doesn’t just stop shots – they lead the team, direct the defence and generate great attacking opportunities. Stopper will help you track, analyze and improve every aspect of your game!

How can I analyze my games?



Review your saved game with your goalkeeping coach, using Timeline to help you remember key plays. Try to do this while the game is fresh in your mind!


Use Heatmap to spot longer-term trends in your Saves, Goals and Crosses performance – cool means less touches on the ball, hot means more.


Use Charts to analyze your Distribution and Communication patterns – are you better with feet or hands? Do you create goal-scoring opportunities?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use Stopper?

The only way to measure a keepers ability is on the pitch. Stopper gives you detailed insights into your game strengths and weaknesses so you know what to work on in practice – and helps your coaches understand how they can help you develop, too.

I entered a goal by mistake. How do I delete it?

Simply press and hold the same orange dot you used to enter the goal for 2 seconds. Done!

Can I delete games?

To delete a recorded game, go to your Stats, tap the search function on top left and from there you can choose to either view or delete individual games. You can also delete a game in progress before saving from the Game Summary screen – simply tap “Delete Game” on the top right.

Do I need a data connection to record games?

Yes, Stopper needs a connection to the internet. Either wifi or data works. If you do not have a data connection, you can still record a game but tap “Pause” once the game is over and wait until you have connectivity again before tapping “End” to save the game and record the result.

I didn’t enter a save until a few minutes later. Will that distort the data?

No problem! The Timeline in Stopper was designed for approximate times, so entering an action a minute or so after it happens is fine. And with Heat Maps, over time you’ll see broad trends beginning to emerge even if you’re a little off when entering your game data.